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Tunnels and Underground Structures

C. W. Felice, LLC (CWF) provides a unique blend of engineering and construction skills to assist in a broad range of mechanized and conventional underground projects for transit and transportation, water and wastewater, energy, mining, and pipeline systems. Our expertise blends a knowledge of geology, hydrogeology, geotechnics, and structural engineering that has led to a successful record of completing projects while providing innovative, cost effective, and buildable solutions. CWFs areas of tunneling underground expertise include:

  • Tunnel feasibility and planning studies

  • Initial and final ground support

  • Sequential excavation

  • Grouting and ground modification

  • Numerical modeling

  • Horizontal direction drilling

  • Analysis of dynamic loads on underground structures

  • Preparation of geotechnical baseline reports

  •  Constructability reviews

Dr. Felice is also a frequent lecturer as industry and academic sponsored education and training events for the underground industry.


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