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Construction Claim Avoidance, Mitigation and Risk Management

C. W. Felice, LLC (CWF) structural foundation experience has been gained internationally in all types of ground conditions. What makes CWF different is our ability to integrate our understanding of ground conditions and load combinations to deliver optimum foundations designs that are economical to construct. In addition, we stay with the project, providing “mud on the boots” construction engineering expertise. CWF’s approach is to assess design and construction alternatives for each project to account for:

  •  Adequacy of design that considers project constraints

  • Overall economy and life cycle cost

  • Constructability including the availability and suitability of equipment and materials.

CWF’s foundation designs are cutting edge. We maintain state-of-the-art design tools for pile drivability, capacity analysis, earthquake and other dynamic loading conditions, as well as 2 and 3 dimensional numerical codes to quantify construction sequencing and suitability of equipment selection. Examples of CWF projects include:

  • cable stay bridges

  • concrete arch bridges

  • concrete box girder bridges

  • segmental box girder bridges, and

  • steel bridges

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